What is Road Reporter Hong Kong (RRHK) ?

It is a mobile/laptop app allows people report road issues, such as road damage and fallen trees, responsibile department in Hong Kong.

Is it a Hong Kong Government's app?

No, it is an app developed by Letsapp Limited.

Do we have to pay to use it?

No, it is free to use.

Why use it instead of reporting to Hong Kong government?

The RRHK makes your life a lot easier, you could report road issues with a few clicks.

What so special about RRHK?

It is easy and supports photo uploads with your smartphone. The app will shows GPS information in map from uploaded photos.

Could I file a road report without photos?

Yes, but a picture worth a thousand words. Further, photos' GPS data can pin-point the locations.

How could I sign up?

You could sign up on the web, or with google account.

What is RRHK's privacy policy?

We do not collect personal data, and will not give our data to 3rd parties。